Retaining Wall Lights

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Retaining Wall Lights – Maintaining Wall Lights accent your backyard and retaining wall jobs while providing the warmth, security and protection of lighting. Each fixture is built of the most powerful plastic polymers and was made to interlock seamlessly together with lots of segmental wall systems. The distinctive structural layout can help the weight and pressures of this wall along with the reflective lens helps it incorporate with all the rocklike surface feel of the majority of wall solutions.

Kerr Lighting Retaining Wall 8-Pack Low-Voltage Wall Lights

The Kerr Lighting Retaining Wall 8-Pack 6″ x 8″ Lights with gray plastic lens accent your yard while providing heat, security and the safety of lighting.

  • Quicker and Less Costly than conventional 120 volt light
  • Can be installed virtually anywhere within reach of an electricity source
  • Easy Setup; low voltage cable has buried only blow off the surface of the floor, making it Effortless to relocate and include extra fixtures anytime
  • In wall mounting layout hastens and accents your garden walls
  • Every individual light step; 7-7/8″ W x 6-1/2″ H x 6″ D.


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